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A not for profit company will be taking over from Little House studio and as from !st of September they will be running the rehersal space and studios,

The little House studio has closed down but I hope you will be kind enough to support these guys who have the a proven track record in helping the music community of Hounslow. 

I would like to thank you all for your support over the years but I personally think this is the best move to ensure the that what was first intended in the idea of a community based recording teaching space will continue and develop in such ways as to benefit all in Hounslow.

Once again thank you all for your support and please if you still need to book space please give us a call and I will put you onto the new ACOH bookings manger. 

To find out more please visit

Recording and Rehersal Space 


 Community Rehearsal Space 

Recording Studio

PA System Hire

Music Education Music Publishing

Music Tuition

for the music community of Hounslow 

The Little House Studio is a community based recording studio and rehearsal rooms, we help local bands and artists to better understand recording and can provide education in getting the best out of a recording studio, we also have tutors who teach various instruments such as drums, we are able to do this at rates people can afford. 


We also provide PA systems to community groups and we are proud to be able to help un-funded groups also stage events as well.  

Our aims are to help people develop skills and to help them find further ongoing education in the music business. We work with community groups in providing education in music to young people in a way that they can enjoy learning and fully get involved in. We believe in the power of music in to change peoples lives, we work with the community young and old who would not normally get a chance to learn and have fun while doing so, we encourage people to learn and take courses in music, without all the jargon used in music we can make it simple and are always on hand to encourage learning.



Recording Studio, Rehearsal Rooms, PA system Hire, Music Education, Community Events, Music Classes

Our aim is very simple we have created a place that artists can rehearse record and network with others, we have created a place that people can and they are able to afford in order to develop their skills, we are a not for profit community group and the money we make goes back into the music community of Hounslow, 


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